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42nd IFAWPCA Convention
Posted By: Administrator

The 42nd IFAWPCA Convention will hosted by OCAJI (The Overseas Construction Association of Japan, Inc) with theme  “Partnership and Sustainability” – New Frontier for Construction Business. The same will take place at The Prince Park Tower Tokyo from 16th to 19th November 2015.

Along with the theme and friendship spirit among the IFAWPCA’s members, other than Meetings and Seminars, there will be Business Forum Program, which will run parallel with the convention. The Business Forum Program will facilitate IFAWPCA Members from 18 countries’ constructors Association to update the development of construction industries in their countries also giving opportunities to Members’ to update about the company business.

While in town delegates also invited by the host to enjoy Tokyo during autumn and experiencing the leaf change color, which largely known as Momiji.  OCAJI has set up few destinations to visit such as Tokyo Tower, Kamakura, The Metropolitan Area, also the infamous shopping street Asakusa. Do not forget to join the IFAWPCA Golf, which will be held at The Daystar Golf Club.

PDF Brochure can be downloaded here. For further information please contact ICA Secretariat at +62217200794 - Mr. Haryo / Ruth.

Do not miss the opportunity to join the 42nd IFAWPCA Convention – Tokyo on 16th – 19th November 2015.

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