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About AKI

The Beginnings

The history of ICA can be traced back to late 1950s, when numerous big development projects that funded by foreign loan started to expand in Indonesia. Those projects opened huge opportunities for international bids not only for domestic contractors but also for foreign contractors, and invited foreign investment (by law No. 1/1967).

Indonesia was one of IFAWPCA (International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors Association) founders. IFAWPCA was founded in Manila in March 1958. Indonesia was represented by Ir. R. Pramudji who was assigned by Minister of PUTL. GAPPENSI (Gabungan Pelaksana dan Perencana Nasional Seluruh Indonesia) held its first congress in Tretes-Malang in 1959 and resolved some decisions, it was essential to establish a National contractor organization or a master builder association in order to face foreign contractors and to represent Indonesia in an International Forum. At that time, there was a self realization that GAPPENSI was not eligible enough to be IFAWPCA member.

Based on those facts, the Minister of PUTL stated that for the time being Dewan Direksi Perusahaan Bangunan Negara (DDPBN) would represent Indonesia at IFAWPCA Conventions. At 10th IFAWPCA Convention in Bangkok in 1970, IFAWPCA Executive Board urged Indonesian Contractors to establish an organization as IFAWPCA member. Right after coming back, Indonesian delegates held a meeting presented by Ir. S. Danunagoro representing DDPBN, H.E. Kowara representing Dewan Teknik Pembangunan Indonesia (DTPI), and Ir. R. Rooseno representing GAPPENSI.

PT. Pembangunan Jaya office in Senen on October 2, 1971, a meeting was held and an agreement was reached to establish a new contractors association named Asosiasi Kontraktor Indonesia (AKI) or Indonesian Contractors Association (ICA). Then, the charter was signed at Putri Duyung Cottage by DTPI, GAPPENSI, and DDPBN. There were 22 construction companies and 21 construction experts as AKI founding members.

ICA was legitimated on October 2, 1973. At 12th IFAWPCA Convention held in Taipei on 2-10 April 1973, Indonesian Delegation was represented by ICA announcing the replacement of DDPBN with ICA. The membership was issued in October 1973 and signed by President and Secretary General of IFAWPCA period 1973-1974, Mr. Takeo Atsumi and Mr. Soichi Shibur.

ICA Board of Chairman (2005 - 2008)

To promote and encourage a highly reliable, independent, productive, accountable and competitive National construction industry either in National or International market.


To initiate codes of ethics among National contractors
To forge bonds and partnership and to promote cooperation among members
To encourage and support professional competencies of ICA members and their business partners
To make a great effort for collective advance by providing shelter for the members in order to strengthen the organization.
To promote conducive climate in construction industry
To encourage growth and progress of Indonesian construction industry
To improve development order
To enhance ICA members competency and professionalism as players in construction industry
To forge bonds among AKI members.

The Achievements

AKI has grown to be one of the respective associations in Indonesia, has successfully become the umbrella of the best contractors in Indonesia not only domestic companies but also international companies that operate in Indonesia. ICA members are dominant players in Indonesian construction market either individually or jointly cooperated with world-class contractors. ICA members have taken active roles as consortium member as well as consortium leader. ICA gives assistance to its member to develop construction domestic or international market. At present, there are many ICA members that have gained international work experience. By then ICA endorses its members to be more active in winning international bid. ICA has active role to the development of construction industry in Indonesia among others ICA as one of CSDB (Construction Services Development Board) founders. It was mandatory established by Construction Service Law No. 18/1999. CSBD is responsible for development of construction industry in Indonesia. ICA also has presented huge contribution in the area of construction industry including construction companies and supporting construction companies.

The Activities

In facing globalization era, Indonesian Contractors are required to improve the following subject:

personnel competence cooperation among contractors/associations in study and development of technology in area of contract administration: engineering and financial on-site technical implementation cooperation in especially for cost efficiency in project financing. Entering 22nd century ICA resolves to move forward and face abundant challenges, opportunities, and obstacles by:

establishing order and code of ethics among Indonesian contractors forging bonds and fostering cooperation among contractors putting on effort and assisting by boosting competencies of professionals of ICA members endeavoring collective advance in the interest of AKI members to strengthen the organization. ICA has set series of activities in reaching its objectives, among others:

Be active in giving suggestions to Government in the area of enhancing and development construction industry in Indonesia
Be active in improving technology and competencies of players in construction industry by conducting joint cooperation with research and education institutions
Set up and socialize codes of practice for professional in Indonesian construction industry 
Assist ICA members in running their businesses and take part as inter-member relationship
Build relationship and promote joint cooperation with either domestic or international institutions having parallel objectives. ICA endorses its members to develop and advance their performance in the area of:

A. Training

Training for operators
Training for managers and middle executives
Training on ISO and related topics
Training on tax, finance, certification and others.

B. International Relationship

ICA assists its members by :

Giving information on projects on the abroad and prospective projects
Collecting data and information on construction activities abroad Working out closer or more intense cooperative programmes in construction industry with foreign contractors association through IFAWPCA membership Participating in IFAWPCA activities to broaden horizon and to create mutual beneficial relationship.

C. International Activities

ICA generates bilateral or multi-lateral cooperation with contractors associations of respective country members under IFAWPCA. ICA has also conducted joint meetings with some International Contractors and Associations to facilitate closer cooperation among organizations in the area of construction industry.

D. Reliable Partners

Indonesian contractors that join as members of ICA are very reliable partners in performing their commitment and agreement/contract. For ICA members the signed contracts not merely contracts, but also as guarantee that work will be completed satisfactorily in line with the agreement regardless obstacles that faced. It has been proven that ICA members have performed extremely difficult works at remote area. Nonetheless, ICA members hold key position in delivering, service and product with competitive price. _______________________________________________


Wijaya Graha Puri Blok D-1

Jl. Darmawangsa Raya No. 2 Jakarta 12160 - Indonesia

Phone : (62-21) 720 0794, 727 90672

Fax : (62-21) 720 6805

E-mail : akinet@aki.or.id

Homepage : http://www.aki.or.id

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